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Foster A Pet:

 Do you have space in your heart and home for an adorable, adoptable furry friend awaiting their forever home?


Layla is 11 years old and very sweet and cuddly. She is needing a forever foster due to her being special needs. She is diabetic and would need insulin shots  three times a day. She would need to be the only dog, and does not do well with cats. If you are interested in fostering Layla contact us at 502 633-4033



 We have  kittens, dogs, cats, and rabbits that need some TLC in a temporary foster home.  All sizes and shapes!

   Some of these animals have been abused, neglected, frightened, starved, injured or sick.  They need people who are kind and consistent; who won’t desert them or hurt them.  They need to trust, walk on a leash, have a belly rub, some need housebreaking, many need a lap and a kind word… get the idea.  If you would like to temporarily foster an animal, please let us know. 

  When the animal has had thier “rough edges” smoothed a bit, we will place him/her on and they will go to adoption venues on the weekends.

  The more foster “parents” we have, the more animals we can place into our foster program which saves lives.

    Please see the Foster Care Application below.  We have written guidelines for fostering and an adoption counselor to answer all your questions. 

  Email or call 502 633 4033  for more info. 

  Thanks for considering.

 Foster Care Guidelines and fosterCare Application_08.doc