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Chains No More

The Shelby County Humane Society has started a new program to help get dogs off chains in Shelby County.

Contact us at 502 633 4033 if you know of a dog in need.

Updated: 3/17/17

 Since inception in November 2014 we have provided 15 dogs in our community with fenced in areas without chains, plus spay/neuter surgeries for those dogs and many other dogs who were  brought into the home or rehomed after speaking with the pet owner.

Please help support us in our mission. Please utilize our PayPal button to donate, Your money will go soley for building materials for the fences as well as roofing materials, dog houses, etc. The work is performed by dedicated volunteers. Please help us in our mission to get dogs off chains. Donate or Volunteer your time. Contact Chris at the above number to help! 






Need Barn Cats?


Shelby County Humane Society is introducing our new Barn Kitty program.

Click here for more information  on this new exciting program!